Andrew Goldner
Founding Partner

Do you know how to create a pitch deck that earns investor attention?

I’ve been working with founders for nearly 25 years. As their attorney, co-founder and now as a venture capitalist. At GrowthX, we’ve invested in nearly 50 seed stage companies.

One of the most common mistakes I see founders make is trying to build their pitch deck without first building a storyboard.

Your pitch deck is nothing more than visual design layered on top of a compelling narrative. Start with a storyboard and a better pitch deck will follow.

I’ve created a storyboard framework that I’ve used to help founders from around the world create a compelling narrative for early-stage venture investors.

It’s designed to reverse-engineer exactly what an investor is looking for when screening opportunities and deciding who to meet with and fund.

By downloading this toolkit, you'll get access to my Pitch Deck Workshop Video, that tells you exactly what elements to include in your pitch deck – and in which order. Plus, you'll get our downloadable Storyboard Framework, so you can build your own powerful pitch deck.

In these materials, I cover:

  • The thought processes a Venture Capitalist goes through while reviewing your pitch deck, so you can maximize your impact
  • The first slide you need in your deck (and why it shouldn't be about your your problem, opportunity, or product!)
  • How to explain the problem you solve in a way that builds investor confidence
  • The way to tell a compelling narrative that clearly connects your problem to your value proposition and ultimately to your product
  • Why a "Unique" Value Proposition is overrated, and what is actually important to show to investors
  • The two slides that show you are truly "investor ready" (hint: traction speaks louder than words)
  • Common mistakes to avoid, along with plenty of best practices and examples

... all in an easy-to-replicate 10-slide framework that you can start working from today!

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