Andrew Goldner
Founding Partner

Do you know how to best prepare to raise VC funding?

As a startup lawyer, founder, VC and Kauffman Fellow, I know that venture capital has its own set of non-obvious characteristics. 

Having the knowledge of how venture capital works ensures that startups can make an informed decision about whether it's the right source of capital and it increases a startup's chances of securing venture funding by aligning everyone's interests around a common set of goals.

I've put together this comprehensive video mini-course to walk you through - in plain-English - all the foundational knowledge you need about venture capital.

In the mini-course, I cover:

  • What actually is venture capital – and what do venture capitalists expect?
  • The three major ways to raise venture capital (equity, convertible debt, and convertible equity), along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • How to negotiate the best deal when raising venture capital.
  • How to build, model, and manage a cap table to avoid BIG common mistakes made by founders (including a simple, downloadable cap table tool).
  • How to apply all of this knowledge to build a business that VCs want to invest in.

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