Watch the recording of the Workshop and Information Session (detailed below) where participants asked the GrowthX Team questions as they consider applying for the upcoming cohort of The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator.

Please join us for an important Product-Market Fit Workshop and Information Session about The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator. Both the workshop and The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator are available at no cost to you and are run by GrowthX, a U.S.-based venture capital fund.

Workshop details are listed below, and here is an informative website about The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator, the only program 100% focused on helping you with customer and revenue growth.

Seats are limited and registration is required, so please let us know ASAP if you can attend this important session!

Product-Market Fit Workshop
GrowthX will cover the most important step in helping you find product-market fit: the Ideal Customer Profile (or ICP). During the workshop, GrowthX will

1. Explain exactly what an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is and why it's critical to your company,
2. Review step-by-step instructions on how to create your ICP,
3. Illustrate every step with real-world examples drawn from their venture capital portfolio, and
4. Share best practices to build your judgment and confidence when working on your own ICP.

Following the workshop, GrowthX will:
1. Share our ICP template to enable you to apply everything from the workshop to your company,
2. Provide access to additional resources to help you with your ICP (and every step of your journey to product-market fit), and
3. Invite you to review your ICP together with a member of their team.

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Andrew Goldner

Founding Partner @GrowthX

Andrew is a Founding Partner of GrowthX and Managing Partner of GrowthX Capital. He has been in the technology sector since 1998, based in New York City, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Palo Alto. Andrew began his career in technology as a lawyer for the early Internet pioneers in Search (Alta Vista and Yahoo), AdTech (DoubleClick), SaaS (Salesforce) and others while practicing law. He left private practice at Skadden Arps and joined DoubleClick (prior to the Google acquisition). Andrew then co-founded Thompson's financial news business leading to the acquisition of Reuters. At Thomson Reuters, Andrew served as Publisher of Reuters News, where he worked on new product commercialization and design-thinking with nearly 3,000 journalists based in 200 countries worldwide. After 6 years in Asia, Andrew returned to the U.S. and returned to helping early-stage companies and co-founded GrowthX.


Max Menke

Founding Partner @GrowthX

Max has extensive experience developing and executing go-to-market strategies at the early product-stage across various industries and products. Max’s expertise is helping companies develop the right ideal customer profiles, messaging and strategic approach to build repeatable and scalable revenue generation engines. As a founding partner at GrowthX, Max has lead 100s of companies through the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program (MXP) and MXP Online, both of which he helped to create. Before joining GrowthX as a Founding Partner, Max build the sales technology stack and lead generation playbook for multiple early stage companies.


Jeanette Renshaw

Partner & Director - Startup Growth @GrowthX

Jeanette specializes in helping early-stage companies prepare and operationalize their sales and go-to-market strategies. Her background includes experience working with hundreds of startups around the world and across a diverse array of industries. She's passionate about helping founders find product-market-fit in an intentional, understood, and scalable manner. Before joining the GrowthX team, Jeanette led many startups from inception to repeatable revenue through her consulting practice. She's been coaching companies through the MXP Online program since its inception.